Extending a battery’s lifetime with heat

Don’t go sticking your electronic devices in a toaster oven just yet, but for a longer-lasting battery, you might someday heat them up when not in use. Over time, the electrodes inside a rechargeable battery cell can grow tiny, branch-like filaments called dendrites, causing short circuits that kill the battery or even ignite it in flames. But thanks to new experiments and computer simulations, researchers from the California Institute of Technology have explored in detail how higher temperatures can break down these dendrites — and possibly extend battery lifetimes.

A battery cell consists of a positive and negative electrode, called the cathode and anode. As the battery produces electrical current, electrons flow from the anode through a circuit outside the battery and back into the cathode. Having lost the electrons that are generating the current, some of the atoms in the anode — an electrically conductive metal like lithium — become ions that then travel to the cathode, moving through a conductive liquid medium called an electrolyte.

Recharging the battery reverses the process, and the ions travel back and stick onto the anode. But when they

More flexible machine learning

Machine learning, which is the basis for most commercial artificial-intelligence systems, is intrinsically probabilistic. An object-recognition algorithm asked to classify a particular image, for instance, might conclude that it has a 60 percent chance of depicting a dog, but a 30 percent chance of depicting a cat.

At the Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems in December, MIT researchers will present a new way of doing machine learning that enables semantically related concepts to reinforce each other. So, for instance, an object-recognition algorithm would learn to weigh the co-occurrence of the classifications “dog” and “Chihuahua” more heavily than it would the co-occurrence of “dog” and “cat.”

In experiments, the researchers found that a machine-learning algorithm that used their training strategy did a better job of predicting the tags that human users applied to images on the Flickr website than it did when it used a conventional training strategy.

“When you have a lot of possible categories, the conventional way of dealing with it is that, when you want to learn a model for each one of those categories, you use only data associated with that category,”

Liquid cooling moves onto the chip for denser electronics

Using microfluidic passages cut directly into the backsides of production field-programmable gate array (FPGA) devices, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers are putting liquid cooling right where it’s needed the most — a few hundred microns away from where the transistors are operating.

Combined with connection technology that operates through structures in the cooling passages, the new technologies could allow development of denser and more powerful integrated electronic systems that would no longer require heat sinks or cooling fans on top of the integrated circuits. Working with popular 28-nanometer FPGA devices made by Altera Corp., the researchers have demonstrated a monolithically-cooled chip that can operate at temperatures more than 60 percent below those of similar air-cooled chips.

In addition to more processing power, the lower temperatures can mean longer device life and less current leakage. The cooling comes from simple de-ionized water flowing through microfluidic passages that replace the massive air-cooled heat sinks normally placed on the backs of chips.

“We believe we have eliminated one of the major barriers to building high-performance systems that are more compact and energy efficient,” said Muhannad Bakir, an associate professor and

Get the Most Out of Your Internet

With the expanding value of the Online, persons have started off in search of on the net assets for everything. While performing, slow World Wide Web link or ready for plans to get started or for website web pages to load can be incredibly disheartening, and the hardware updates required to velocity your procedure up can get extremely expensive. Internet speed test may be checked at any online speed tester website, which show you the uploading and downloading speed of your internet

There is a big production of computer aid Canada assets featuring fair online guidance options to assist you get the most out of your present World-wide-web relationship without placing in a lot dollars or having to pay significant amounts to specialists. In this article, you can’t only improve your Internet for rapid pace but can also offer with every single net dilemma. For persons who run websites or run any on the internet business, an effective Computer system and high speed Web is ought to.

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Recipe for Trouble The Internet

We all know the power of the internet. If you are starting a new business, the internet can be your best friend. It can also be your worst enemy. There are two quotes about the internet that you should keep in mind. The first is “You can’t take something off the Internet—it’s like taking pee out of a pool” (Author Unknown). The second is “Information on the Internet is subject to the same rules and regulations as conversation at a bar” (George Lundberg).

It has been discussed in other articles, it is very important to have consistent communication with the people that are involved in your business (employees, investors, etc.). It is just as important, however, to pay attention to what EVERYONE is saying about your business. This includes customers, vendors, and anyone that comes into contact with you business. If someone has a grudge against you or your business, the internet is one avenue they can use to create some big time trouble or make you the greatest thing since sliced bread. The key is to pay attention to what is going on out there on the World Wide Web.

If someone does decide to go after you or your business

Advantages Disadvantages Of Internet Marketing The Good The Bad And The Ugly

The Advantages Disadvantages Of Internet Marketing are many.

A few Advantages Disadvantages Of Internet Marketing are:

It’s on the internet so it’s low cost
Very fast
And you can reach a global audience
However it:

Can leave the businessman feeling isolated
Hard to tell if people are lying because you can’t see their face
And you can be overloaded with information.
There are more Advantages Disadvantages Of Internet Marketing, but I wont cover them all in one article. However I will focus on a few important ones.


Low cost:

The internet is made up of electrons, so there is not really anything physically to grab hold of like in a brick and mortar business. This considerably reduces your costs as you don’t really need many materials or buildings. Just a computer with world wide web capabilities : )

Very fast:

A great advertisement I saw once said “If you were an electron, you would be there by now”. This was an ad at an airport. It’s referring to the internet. It’s made up of electrons so it’s VERY fast. Click a link, and you could be looking at an Australian website, click another one and you could be in America. If you wanted to get information any

Satellite Internet Performance

In metropolitan areas, it’s pretty easy to get cable internet. With so many internet service providers vying for our business, for most of us, we just have to decide who gives us the best value for our money. Of course, in the city, many seldom need to worry much about the performance of cable internet. Cable internet is easy to acquire and it’s blazing fast. That’s all there needs to be said about cable internet. An estimated 70% to 80% of American households have internet access. Over 65% of that estimate have high-speed broadband internet and only 6% (approximately 93 million Americans) still use dial-up. Regardless of performance, people using dial-up do so because it is cost-effective and easy to set up.

It should be noted that among the 93 million still using dial-up are internet users living in smaller rural towns, far removed from the more metropolitan areas of their state, and must resort to using dial-up because of limited options. Internet service providers of cable and DSL do not cater to remote areas due to distance and cost. And due to the frustrations that dial-up users have dealt with (disconnects and slow data transfer speeds), many are turning to

Recipe for Trouble The Internet

We all know the power of the internet. If you are starting a new business, the internet can be your best friend. It can also be your worse enemy. There are two quotes about the internet that you should keep in mind. The first is “You can’t take something off the Internet—it’s like taking pee out of a pool” (Author Unknown).

We all know the power of the internet. If you are starting a new business, the internet can be your best friend. It can also be your worst enemy. There are two quotes about the internet that you should keep in mind. The first is “You can’t take something off the Internet—it’s like taking pee out of a pool” (Author Unknown). The second is “Information on the Internet is subject to the same rules and regulations as conversation at a bar” (George Lundberg).

It has been discussed in other articles, it is very important to have consistent communication with the people that are involved in your business (employees, investors, etc.). It is just as important, however, to pay attention to what EVERYONE is saying about your business. This includes customers, vendors, and anyone that comes into contact with you business. If

Cyber Aware? Know the Top Internet Scams

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and no doubt you’re fully aware of what happened to Target, Home Depot and scores of other companies that were victims of cyber attacks. Those big-brand data breaches certainly make news.

But what really hits home? The cyber scams that don’t generate headlines yet result in the most reports and complaints to the National Consumers League and other watchdog groups. So along with the often-preached mantras that warrant repeating this month — use strong and unique passwords, regularly update protection software, don’t click on links from unknown sources — be aware (and beware) of these most frequent cyber scams.

1. Fake Check Scams

They pretend to be buyers on Craigslist and eBay. Or vacationers interested in your beachfront rental. Or employers hiring babysitters, mystery shoppers or other workers. Even deposed Nigerian kings promising you millions to help move their fortune. Whatever the role, the ruse is the same: After initial contact on the Internet, they mail you a check with instructions to deposit it into your account and then forward a portion to a third party (read accomplice).

Simple ways to save a buck, expert investment advice, scam alerts and much more! » AARP Money Newsletter

What to know:

Internet campaigns motivate users to respond to humanitarian crises

Online campaigns about humanitarian crises need to be more surprising if they are to successfully engage the public, according to an academic from the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Research by Dr Martin Scott, published in the journal International Communication Gazette, aimed to explore why UK citizens respond to some online campaigns and communications concerning overseas crises and not others.

It is often suggested that the internet promotes greater understanding of humanitarian crises and encourages people to become more involved through forums and social media and by signing online petitions, making ethical purchases and donating money.

However, this new research identified a number of key reasons people give for not responding to campaigns or actively seeking out more information.

These include the time needed to find and search through material online and a lack of trust in sources such as governments and charities. Information from most non-news sources — including blogs and social media — was frequently rejected by many in the study for being inaccurate or biased.

“My findings suggest that the internet is not a magic bullet for getting people engaged with or caring about humanitarian issues or crises,” said Dr Scott, lecturer in Media and International Development at UEA’s

Heavy internet use may put teens at risk for high blood pressure

Teens who spend hours on the Internet may be at risk for high blood pressure, say researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

In a study published in the Journal of School Nursing, researchers found that teens who spent at least 14 hours a week on the Internet had elevated blood pressure. Of 134 teens described by researchers as heavy Internet users, 26 had elevated blood pressure.

This is believed to be the first study to show a link between time spent on the Internet and high blood pressure. The findings add to growing research that has shown an association between heavy Internet use and other health risks like addiction, anxiety, depression, obesity and social isolation.

Andrea Cassidy-Bushrow, Ph.D., MPH, a researcher at Henry Ford’s Department of Public Health Sciences and the study’s lead author, says the take-home message for teens and parents is moderation.

“Using the Internet is part of our daily life but it shouldn’t consume us,” she says. “In our study, teens considered heavy Internet users were on the Internet an average of 25 hours a week.

“It’s important that young people take regular breaks from their computer or smartphone, and engage in some form of physical activity. I

FedEx Forecasts Record Shipments Over Holiday Season

CHICAGO – Package delivery company FedEx Corp. said on Monday that it expects to see a record number of shipments during this year’s busy holiday season, driven by rising retail sales and a jump in ecommerce.

The Memphis-based company said it expects to handle 317 million shipments between Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally the busiest U.S. shopping day of the year, and Christmas Eve, an increase of 12.4 percent over the previous year.

Delivery Dilemma: The Package Pile-Up Happening Across the U.S.2:14

“Each year we face a challenge that’s greater and that’s driven by ecommerce,” Patrick Fitzgerald, FedEx senior vice president for integrated marketing and communications, told Reuters. “We’ve learned that planning and preparation is key.”

The National Retail Federation has predicted retail sales in November and December – excluding automobiles, fuel and restaurant sales – will increase 3.7 percent to $630.5 billion after a 4.1 percent increase last year. The NRF said online retail sales could increase up to 8 percent, to as much as $105 billion.

Retailers in Warehouse-Building Frenzy as Delivery Wars Heat Up

FedEx said that it expects to see three spikes in package volumes during peak

Using SaaS to Draft and Manage Financial Documents

For years, all companies regardless of their size have suffered the pains and raising costs that accompany deploying and maintaining traditional software applications that, ironically, were intended to make them more productive. Today, the trend is finally changing as new kinds of Web-based services are gaining popularity and pushing legacy applications aside; thus, giving users the business benefits they’ve been wanting.

This new form of technology, called software-as-a-service (SaaS), is changing the way businesses are communicating and managing documents. The developments in the SaaS arena can benefit small to medium sized businesses because of the increased functionality, not to mention the lower cost and less risk associated with implementing the application.

AMI Partners, a research firm that specializes in the small and medium business market, recently said this about the growth of software-as-services vendors, and where they are focused:

“The number of vendors offering software-as-service (SaaS) solutions has grown exponentially over the past few years, we estimates that there are currently over 500 such vendors in North America. While most providers have concentrated on horizontal business application markets — e.g., customer relationship management and human resources — AMI-Partners’ research points to a growing number that offers SaaS

Keeping the Lights on When Mother Nature Hits

This past winter, the entire country was battered with snowstorms and ice storms, forcing closures to everything from schools and businesses to supermarkets and clinics. Small businesses were especially affected, closing doors due to a lack of power and energy – despite their customers’ dire need for cash, food and other supplies.

Unfortunately, winter may be passing but another extremely hot and sizzling summer is just around the corner. And many small business owners will lose revenue, profits and even customers from the ensuing power outages likely to occur.

Small businesses all across the country are not immune to Mother Nature, nor the effects of a significantly weakened power grid. With no means of business continuity when the power goes out, every owner faces the realistic possibility of significant revenue loss when a blackout occurs and the doors remain closed for any length of time. It’s simple in today’s global economy: If your customer can’t do business with you, they will find someone else.

For a small business owner, being prepared means ensuring a constant and uninterruptible source of power to remain up and running. Although we will always have to “batten down the

Even Microsoft Admits You Might Be Thinking Twice About Windows Vista

Chances are you might be at least considering upgrading your small business PCs to Windows Vista. It sure looks slick and it’s been around long enough for at least some of the kinks to get worked out.

But you might want to think twice about making the upgrade — according to News.com, Microsoft is now allowing its hardware partners (including Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP and Dell — to offer a “downgrade” option on new PC purchases that will let customers choose Windows XP rather than Vista.

The move is aimed specifically at helping out small businesses, which don’t have the time or IT staff to deal with a new operating system, News.com reported:

“That’s going to help out small- and medium-size businesses,” Fujitsu marketing manager Brandon Farris told News.com.

The Vista/XP choice may end soon though. Microsoft requires that PC makers stop offer XP as of January 31, though some PC makers are hoping to extend the XP “window”: “We’re all lobbying for it,” Fujitsu’s Farris said.

What do you think? Has your small business made the move to Windows Vista? Or are you holding off?

Tick, Tick This Email Address Will Self-Destruct in 15 Minutes

From time to time, everyone has run into this situation: you’re trying to download some software, a white paper, whatever. And you need to provide an email address. Give that Web site your work or personal address and you’re sure to get hit with follow-up emails, or worse, random spam.

What to doA handful of companies have begun providing “disposable” email addresses. How are they disposable? They work for a short period and then they literally self-destruct (some providers let you decide when they stop working; others just stop after fifteen minutes or so — once you’ve accomplished what you need).

Lifehacker today has a review of one of them, the aptly-named Guerrilla Mail, while in the posts’ comments section readers recommend a few more, including 10 Minute Mail, Prong, spamla and Mailexpire.

While such services can obviously be quite useful on a personal level, they could be a small business’s worst nightmare, especially one that counts on harvesting (legitimate) customer email addresses to build its business.

You think getting your customer email or promotional blast past a spam filter is a pain, what if the email address your customer gives you in the first place lasts only

SmartTraveler Ten Web Services To Make Small Business Traveling Easier

From long security check lines to missing your loved ones, business trips are never fun. If you’re a small business, they can be even tougher — you don’t have a corporate travel department or travel agency to help you book your travel.

But for Smart Biz followers we have a handful of services, sites and tricks for making the most of airline travel. Everyone knows how to use their airline Web site or online travel booking sites like Expedia or Orbitz. But here’s some tools and resources you might not be familiar with

1. TripIt

One of the most interesting new travel-oriented sites is TripIt. The site’s big trick: you simply email them the flight agenda — for instance, that you get from your airline — and TripIT automatically sets you up a travel itinerary page including all the flight, hotel and car rental information, plus local maps, weather and a guide to local landmarks. It’s like having a travel agent of your own. TripIt is particularly useful if you book travel via many different Web sites; it brings all that different information together in one location.

2. FlightAware

Need to know what’s

Double Your Fun With Dual Core Technology

Here at ITSPA, part of our mission is to stay on top of the latest and greatest technology offered by the tech industry and to translate how that technology can benefit your business.

We work closely with technology consultants, also called solution providers, all across the country to keep tabs on those technologies that are relevant to small and medium businesses. One you’ll soon hear about, if you haven’t already, is dual core technology. This is a capability that you are finding in desktops, laptops and servers designed for businesses. It’s also used in high-end consumer gear designed around the heavy computing needs of gaming enthusiasts.

It’s actually a chip technology pioneered by Intel, and now also available from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and found in gear sold by companies like HP, Apple and Dell. Earlier versions of the technology have been around for about a year, and technology trade publications report that companies like Intel are betting on the next generation of this technology. Intel intends to roll out dual core through the rest of this year and hopes to play a significant role in the computer purchasing behavior of

Windows Home Server A Slam Dunk For Small Biz Too

The first Microsoft Windows Home Server-based system began shipping this week from Hewlett-Packard and despite the “home” in its name this nifty bit of hardware is a perfect fit for small business storage needs.

If you haven’t heard about Microsoft’s storage play, here’s the deal: aiming to cash in on home user’s with multiple PCs and large storage requirements, Microsoft and hardware partners are delivering what amounts to the first mainstream storage area network product.
The very first WHS-based system, from HP, went on pre-order on Amazon just this week. For $569 you get 500 GB of expandable storage plus a slew of software tools for managing backup, authorized access and more. You also get some very slick hardware capabilities including the ability to “hot swap” disks without turning off the machine.

IT is used to having networked storage. Most home and small office users are not.

Other vendors including Iomega and LaCie plan to launch Windows Home Server hardware soon.

The server is getting almost universally-positive reviews, not usually the case with first-generation Microsoft products.

Want to learn more? Here’s a great review today from Gizmodo.

Social Power to The Email Inbox!

Where do you live online? Chances are, if you think about it, it’s not on some Web site (even Facebook or LinkedIn, for social network fans) but your e-mail inbox.

That’s why Yahoo, Google and a handful of intriguing startup companies are hoping to use email as the linchpin for building the next generation of social networks.

The New York Times this week gets the latest scoop from Web giants Google and Yahoo:

Web-based e-mail systems already contain much of what Facebook calls the social graph — the connections between people. That’s why the social networks offer to import the e-mail address books of new users to jump-start their list of friends. Yahoo and Google realize that they have this information and can use it to build their own services that connect people to their contacts.

So what does this mean? Brad Garlinghouse, who runs the communication and community products for Yahoo, describes its so-called “Inbox 2.0” plans a bit further:

First, the e-mail service is made more personal because it displays messages more prominently from people who are more important to you. Yahoo is testing a method that can automatically determine the strength of

Should You Surround Yourself With Multiple PC Monitors

According to a from the University of Utah:

* People using the 24-inch screen completed the tasks 52% faster than people who used the 18-inch monitor
* People who used the two 20-inch monitors were 44% faster than those with the 18-inch ones.
* Productivity dropped off again when people used a 26-inch screen.

This blogger offers his assessment of the value of multiple monitors in easier to digest terms:

Let me be perfectly clear on this matter: more is more. More usable desktop space reduces the amount of time you spend on window management excise. Instead of incessantly dragging, sizing, minimizing and maximizing windows, you can do actual productive work. With a larger desktop, you can spend less time mindlessly arranging information, and more time interacting with and acting on that information. How much that matters to you will depend on your job and working style. Personally, I’d be ecstatic if I never had to size, position, or arrange another damn window for the rest of my life.

Scientists stop and search malware hidden in shortened urls on Twitter

Cyber-criminals are taking advantage of real-world events with high volumes of traffic on Twitter in order to post links to websites which contain malware.

To combat the threat, computer scientists have created an intelligent system to identify malicious links disguised in shortened urls on Twitter. They will test the system in the European Football Championships next summer. The research is co-funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

In the recent study the Cardiff University team identified potential cyber-attacks within five seconds with up to 83% accuracy and within 30 seconds with up to 98% accuracy, when a user clicked on a URL posted on Twitter and malware began to infect the device.

The scientists collected tweets containing URLs during the 2015 Superbowl and cricket world cup finals, and monitored interactions between a website and a user’s device to recognise the features of a malicious attack. Where changes were made to a user’s machine such as new processes created, registry files modified or files tampered with, these showed a malicious attack.

The team subsequently used system activity such as bytes and packets exchanged between device and remote endpoint, processor use and

How to Successfully Execute IT Projects

According to a 2008 Gartner report, 15% of all IT projects failed that year because of high cost variance, while 18% were unsuccessful because they were substantially late.* This means that in 2008, 1 in 3 technology projects failed. Why such a dismal success rate? Such projects primarily involve the management of human resources in order to accomplish the target schedule, cost, and quality, so it is safe to assume that poor resource management played a large role. Unfortunately, without effective resource management processes, such organizations are left asking questions like:

  • “Who is working on what?”
  • “How do I get this project back on schedule?”
  • “How much more work will it take to finish?”

The Problem with IT Projects Today

Resource Management

IT project teams are made up of knowledge workers who are categorized by skill types or job functions. For example, a project team might require business analysts, developers, team leads, project managers, architects, or database analysts. Finding the right person to assign to a project or task can be the most challenging problem confronting the organization. Typically, quality staff is scarce and therefore heavily sought by competing projects. Without resource management processes, the organization struggles with